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Does anyone have any hints or suggestions for getting a 2 month [...]

Posted by @hannahbanana, Feb 15, 2016

Does anyone have any hints or suggestions for getting a 2 month old to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer than 30 minutes or so? He eats well but still seems to wake up often. A friend recommended chamomile tea mixed with breast milk, has anyone else tried that? Thanks!



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Posted by @michellesjoy, Feb 16, 2016

Welcome @hannahbanana! I haven’t heard of giving something like a tea directly to a newborn but I have heard that it can help soothe the baby if the mother is drinking it. You might check with your Pediatrician on that. Have you tried white noise? Something like a fan, a dryer or even music can help a baby stay asleep. Swaddling can be a lifesaver for some moms too. I found this page with some more information that might help. Best of luck and keep us posted!


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Posted by @lendychapman, Feb 16, 2016

As a new mommy myself, I struggled with this, too! My girl just kept discovering too many fun things to look at as she grew 🙂 What really helped me (especially for nighttime, naps are still a work in progress in my world) was to set up a routine. When it’s time for sleep, my daughter gets her PJs changed, some lotion (if it’s not a bath night) and then we dim the lights in the house. I feed her and then once we go in her room, I turn off the lights, turn on her mobile and sound machine (totally agree with above poster about the white noise) and then I leave. Now she puts herself to sleep! For her, minimizing stimulation and setting up the environment was key, but of course every baby is different. Naps are struggle because if the room is too bright, she knows it’s daytime and daytime is playtime!! Hello, blackout curtains. Good luck!!!


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Posted by @blueskye, Feb 18, 2016

I have swaddled all of my kids. It was the only way that they could sleep. I used the swaddle wraps with the velcro as well because they would immediately get their hands free if I tried swaddling in just a blanket. I also found that the younger kids slept better when they were in the same room with their older siblings while they were playing. It seems impossible but I think the noise of the other kids was comforting and made them sleep longer. Hang in there, it gets so much easier as they get a little older.

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