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Does your child have abdominal pain?

Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod in Gastrointestinal Disorders, Aug 13, 2014

Learn what chronic abdominal pain is, the symptoms to look for, and how to help your child from Dr. Nora Erhart, pediatric gastroenterologist, here:

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Posted by @momm, Oct 23, 2014

Please see my greeting statement


Posted by @CourtneySchmidt, Oct 23, 2014

@momm I'm reading your story and all you've been through with your daughter. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you'll be able to get some answers soon and find some relief for all of the problems your daughter has experienced. Keep us posted.


Posted by @momm, Oct 23, 2014

Thank you.


Posted by @jssouth, Oct 23, 2014

@momm- I am sorry to read of all that your daughter (and you) have been through. I know what it is to journey with your child through one medical mystery after another with no real answers. We too have traveled seeking help. My daughter's issues are a bit different- GI dysmotility from the esophagus all the way through the GI tract, severe reflux with surgery to correct, pseudo obstruction...... I can't speak directly to your daughter's issues, but can say we have been blessed by the care at APH. I hope you will find the help you need for your daughter.


Posted by @momm, Oct 24, 2014

Thank You Julie.
I received a miracle today when I got a call from my daughter's current GI doctor. I had requested a referral to APCH and he said he would call and see what they could do for her. He was not familiar with APCH. I was shocked to say the least. My daughter has lost 10kg since July so i am trying to learn all I can to help her.

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Posted by @momm, Oct 26, 2014

I am waiting to see if the GI doctor will approve a consultation with the GI nutrition specialists at APCH. My daughter's FTT is my main concern. Do you know if there are any tests to see why she cannot eat solid food do to malabsorption?

Several years ago something as simple as mega doses of USP grade sodium chloride along with monthly labs to check sodium levels stopped her seizures once a nephrologist looked at this case. He said he simply played dot to dot with her chart and that it was very obvious to him how to bring her body into balance. The neurologist, and other MDs couldn't figure it out and the anti convulscent medications were not able to keep her from seizing.

Maybe if a more knowledgeable team took a lot at my daughter's case they could solve more pieces to her health puzzle?

Here's hoping
MOMM, A mom on a mission


Posted by @momm, Nov 15, 2014

Hi Carly
My daughter is having a Hydrogen breath test Monday to see if there is bacterial over-growth.
Love and sunshine


Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 18, 2014

Hi @momm - Thank for the update! I hope the test went smoothly and that the results will help provide some answers for you. Please keep us updated on the progress.

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