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Hello again. Has anyone had any experience with baby breathing monitors? I [...]

Posted by @albanymom, Feb 8, 2016

Hello again. Has anyone had any experience with baby breathing monitors? I am constantly worrying about my little one and I had a friend recommend them to me. When I looked them up, they are quite expensive so I was just wondering if anyone else might have used them and if they felt that they were worth the cost? I would appreciate any info, thanks!



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Posted by @CourtneySchmidt, Feb 9, 2016

@albanymom I haven’t had any experience with these commercially available ones and I do not know how accurate or reliable they are. I did a little research to see if The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends them or not (which is a good place to look for credible information) and there isn’t anything mentioned there. If your baby is a premature infant or has any medical problems, you should certainly ask your pediatrician if he or she recommends anything to monitor the baby at home. Otherwise, for healthy full-term babies, many pediatricians advocate “rooming in” with the baby ( i.e. sleeping in the same room but not on the same sleep surface) for a while until you and your baby are comfortable sleeping in separate spaces.

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Posted by @threelittleones, Feb 9, 2016

@albanymom – A friend of mine had a premature baby and used one for several months in the beginning. She said that using it allowed her to relax a bit and sleep better knowing that she would be alerted immediately if something went wrong. She also said she would definitely recommend one for anyone with a preemie. Hope that helps!

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Posted by @lendychapman, Feb 9, 2016

As a new mommy myself, I fully appreciate the concern! I did look at them and the price was a bit of a deterrent for me, too. I have found myself to be able to rest comfortably with a video monitor. It eases my mind to be able to see her wiggle and rock around and it’s clear enough that I can easily see her breathing. I don’t know if I’d feel as content without being able to see her, though!!!

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Posted by @michellesjoy, Feb 10, 2016

@albanymom I think we all worry about our little ones in the night, no matter what. 🙂 I think you should ultimately use whatever gives you the most piece of mind and allows you to relax and get some rest as well. You might still check with your pediatrician as @CourtneySchmidt recommended as well, they might be able to help set your mind at ease and offer other helpful advice.

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