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Hello again. I am returning to my part time job soon and [...]

Posted by @hannahbanana, Mar 7, 2016

Hello again. I am returning to my part time job soon and have been working on transitioning my breast feed baby to a bottle for a couple of feedings a day and I am having no luck. He refuses to take the bottle at all and is constantly trying to push it out of his mouth with his tongue. I have tried several different types of bottles and nipples but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any advice on making the transition? Thanks in advance!


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Posted by @niculactation, Mar 8, 2016

Hi @hannahbanana from NICU lactation. Glad things have been going well with breastfeeding! Some of us have had the same problem when trying to introduce a bottle after breastfeeding for some time. There seems to be a “window of opportunity” to do so and if missed, can make things a little more difficult. You didn’t say how old your baby is now. There are different things you may be able to try depending on the age of the baby. Any nipple you do try should have a long nipple shaft which is more similar to mom when baby is actually breastfeeding. Have you tried having someone else feed the baby the bottle? Often a baby will take a bottle from anyone else but mom. We would like to refer you to where you will find many more ideas. You can put something like: ‘transitioning to bottles’, in the search box. It should pull up “Tools for Feeding: Bottles and More.” Also, if you are able to attend, you may find the Mothers Matter group helpful. Check out their post on the right. There may be someone who has experienced the same problem. Hope you find this helpful. Let us know how things work out!


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Posted by @lendychapman, Mar 11, 2016

I found that letting someone else feed my baby with a bottle first really helped. The first time or two I even had to leave the house because if she smelled me she would want to nurse instead! But, it really was helpful to start with someone else, and eventually she would take a bottle from me as well. I also found that keeping the bottle feedings at the same time each day was helpful, too, as it became a bit of a routine and she came to expect that that particular feeding would come from her bottle. I did find that some bottles she did better with than others, so for us it really was trial and error. Good luck!

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