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Jasmin Young

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Hello, My name is Jasmin, my mom was diagnosed with cancer last [...]

Posted by @jasyoung25, Feb 2, 2017

My name is Jasmin, my mom was diagnosed with cancer last year and I helped care for her. After going through chemo and radiation and having surgery to remove the mass she got a little stronger, although she is not cancer free she is no longer receiving chemo and is being closely monitored. Throughout her up and downs we decided to start putting together care packages for patient doing through cancer.
That brings me to my question, is there any one I can call or sign up or receive permission to donate care packages to children battling cancer?
I am currently a nursing student and want to gather a few student to help and just give the kids a little gift for being such strong fighters.

If anyone can give me a number or information on how I can make this happen that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Jasmin Y



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Posted by @albanymom, Feb 23, 2017

Hi @jasyoung25! I think it is so great that you helped take care of your mom and that you are so close. It is also so generous of you to want to give back to kids battling cancer. I searched around a bit and found the number for the Arnold Palmer donations office, maybe they can help or at least point you in the right direction – (407) 841-5114.

Can I ask what would be in your care packages? I would be interested in doing something similar in my area as well and would love some ideas.



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Posted by @jandy, Feb 24, 2017

@albanymom – I was briefly a part of an organization that did something like that. In the kits we included things like small blankets, pillowcases, coloring books, fuzzy socks, etc. Some of the handier members also used special fabric and custom made hospital gowns as well. It was very rewarding.

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