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Hi, everyone! We're new to this forum (only signed up a moment [...]

Posted by @cristamcd, Dec 22, 2014

Hi, everyone! We’re new to this forum (only signed up a moment ago) and we’re hoping that my son, Nathan, will be able to get into the Feeding Difficulties Clinic. In the meantime, does anyone here have experience with a toddler diagnosed ASD and feeding difficulties? I’m trying very hard to keep mealtimes as stress free as possible (for both my son and myself) because I want eating to be as enjoyable for him as it is for me. While we wait to find out if he’ll be accepted into the clinic, does anyone have tips for helping ASD children with eating? Prior to his diagnosis, I tried every different “method” I could find, but none were specific for ASD children and I truly believe that it’s important to address his challenges with the distinction that he is on the spectrum and my expectations have to be in line with his diagnosis.

Thanks so much for reading this! I’ll look forward to any comments or insight anyone can provide!

Merry Christmas!


Julie S.

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Posted by @jssouth, Dec 22, 2014

Hi Crista! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with feeding difficulties with your son. I am unable to speak into the ASD aspect, but we have been through the feeding clinic with our daughter and understand all too well the challenges that come with having a child who struggles with eating. It is a fine line of knowing how to push without adding to the anxiety and things getting worse. Our daughters have medical conditions that have contributed to the problems and I understand too that desire to make sure you are doing all you can to address and work with your child’s special needs and the effects that has on eating. I can tell you that our experience in the feeding clinic was very positive and encouraging. They were great with looking at the unique issues facing my daughter and working in a way that best addressed those needs. I’m happy to answer any questions or help in any other way.

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