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Hi my name is Valerie and here is my daughter's story. My [...]

Posted by @valerieb, Mar 11, 2015

Hi my name is Valerie and here is my daughter’s story.

My name is Savannah Bowen and I am 8 years old. This is my story.

I love art, video games and animals. I live with my mom, Valerie and my three cats Buddy, Milo and Knucky. On Halloween, I went with my aunt, Damarie to the County Fair and bumped my chest on one of the rides. My mom took me to the emergency room the next day. They took a chest x-ray and told her that I had a rib contusion and had to follow up with my primary doctor.

We saw my doctor about a week later and he suspected it was not a contusion and referred us to see a surgeon at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. After doing many diagnostic tests and chest biopsy, I was diagnosed with Stage III B Cell Lymphoma Cancer. This cancer affects the immune system. Then a couple of weeks later my diagnoses was updated to AML.

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Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Mar 11, 2015

@valerieb – Thank you for sharing Savannah’s story with us. We hope you find the support and encouragement you need during this difficult time as part of the online community. We hope Savannah finds healing through the treatment that will be provided to her. Please let us know what we can do to support your family with the resources available to us in the online community. Take care!

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