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Looking for insight . I have a 15 year old son with [...]

Posted by @flgirl, Nov 27, 2014

Looking for insight . I have a 15 year old son with high functioning autism. He is very ambitious and bright . Has a great imagination. But we struggle with his aggressive behavior. Hes been on meds for a long time but I can’t get him to take them regularly. We wants to be normal like all the others in high school.


Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Dec 2, 2014

Hi @flgirl – Thank you for sharing with us. We hope this group provides you with the support and encouragement you are looking for. Autism Spectrum Disorders group members – does anyone have some suggestions for flgirl? @pediatric_occupational_therpy_team do you have any advice for flgirl?

cathy dand

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Posted by @singincathy, Dec 3, 2014

I am Grandma Cathy. Been caregiver to Grandson Bryce age 8 since birth while single Mom works.We also have a smart boy, he is classic autism, non verbal, but has self injurious behaviors. Of biting his arms and head banging along with occasional aggression.Would so love to see him get help with this. Hurts our hearts.

Posted by @pediatric_occupational_therpy_team, Dec 3, 2014

Hi there. You really voice a sentiment shared by so many parents who raise kids affected by ASD- fully appreciating their child’s strengths and joys while still dealing with the heartbreaking aspects of this disorder. If you are able to discern a pattern to the aggressive responses, then it will be easier to find help. For example, If social skills are causing stress for him, a social skills group lead by experts who understand the unique qualities of ASD can be helpful. I’ve heard great things about the Social Bridges program here in Orlando. The Center for Autism and Related Disorders at UCF may have a few other suggestions. Or, if his aggression is a response from feeling overwhelmed by his environment, an OT can evaluate his sensory processing needs and offer helpful suggestions.
Even high functioning kiddos with and ASD or Asperger’s diagnosis can benefit from these services.
Remember to take care of yourself too. Parenting is a tough road. Find small ways each day to be kind to yourself so you can keep on being a great mom.
Jenn G. OT

cathy dand

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Posted by @singincathy, Dec 5, 2014

Thanks. We do know most of this. However, his biting and head banging seems to revolve around two main triggers. 1. Anything out of order or out of sync will be a trigger. Related to his OCD which is strong. 2. Very smart, strong willed. Does not want to stay on task at school unless activities are what he likes. Will try to hurt self and staff. Then sadly they will restrain. Would adding drugs for OCD help? My daughter does not really isn’t to give more drugs but we want aggressions and SIB’s to stop.

Erica B

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Posted by @erica13424, Dec 7, 2014

Highly recommend UCF card. They are amazing!!!!

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