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Microduplication 15Q24

Posted by @obsidianrose in Genetic Disorders, Sep 27, 2014

Both my daughter and my granddaughter have been diagnosed with Microduplication 15Q my granddaughter has her duplication at 24 and my daughter 11-13. Are there any other parents or caregivers that are dealing with this as well? I am having some trouble finding information on the duplication of this chromosome... all I can find is on the microdeletion.

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Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 4, 2014

Hi @obsidianrose - Welcome to our group! This group is for everything related but not specifically related to the exact chromosomes as far as specialist information and support from other patients and families (and I'm sure people will reply here if they have a similar chromosome). Two other great resources that may be helpful to you are and We look forward to connecting with you further!

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Posted by @obsidianrose, Nov 5, 2014

Thank you for the welcome @carlyferguson ! I will definitely take a look at those sites. This has been an interesting journey, and I am just very happy that we finally have a diagnosis for my daughter as for years it was impossible to get her any services because she was all over the place as far as the testing went. She is 22 and very little was known about her particular abnormality, so no one knew to test her for it. I am just amazed at the support we have now with Maggie... it is simply incredible!


Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 5, 2014

@obsidianrose I am so happy to hear of the support your family now receives. It is our hope that through this community, you will also find support and encouragement through other families who have similar experiences. Have a great week!

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