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My 8 year old son with Autism has his first blood draw [...]

Posted by @mgwhitt in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Oct 22, 2014

My 8 year old son with Autism has his first blood draw tomorrow. My pediatrician told me to give him Benadryl to help calm him and I have lidocaine to help numb his arms. He can hardly make it through a blood pressure check so I'm very nervous about this. Any suggestions?


Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Oct 22, 2014

Hi @mgwhitt - What a great question! I happened to be with many of our experts and parents of The Children's Advocacy Center/Early Steps program this afternoon and they were able to provide some great advice. Several team members suggested bringing something to distract him, such as an iPad, game on your phone, etc., and to bring something that was comforting to him, whether it be a favorite toy or stuffed animal. If you are in the Orlando-area, they also suggested visiting the lab at Arnold Palmer Hospital for blood draws in the future since the nurses are comfortable working with kids and almost always get the stick on the first try. Best of luck to you! Hope this information helps ease your nerves a little bit.

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