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My youngest son is blind , have autism and cerebral palsy,, he's [...]

Posted by @jacky2007 in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nov 15, 2014

My youngest son is blind , have autism and cerebral palsy,, he's 8y, has disruptive behavior and is aggressive. I will like to get suggestions on how to calm down him when he's aggressive , what sensory toys will be good for him,and find the correct communication device for him. I will appreciate all help


Posted by @jacky2007, Nov 15, 2014



Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 18, 2014

Hi @jacky2007 - Thank you for sharing and for your questions. We hope this group provides you with the support and encouragement you are looking for. Autism Spectrum Disorders group members - does anyone have some suggestions for Jacky?


Posted by @pediatric_therapy_resources, Nov 18, 2014

Hello Jacky. Thank you for the information and for your question. Does your son currently receive any therapies…vision therapy, occupational therapy, ABA? As you know, every child is so unique and it may take a professional who is very familiar with your son and is working with him to provide more tailored tips specific to his needs.

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Posted by @obsidianrose, Nov 18, 2014

Hi Jacky! It's a pleasure to meet you! My granddaughter Maggie has sensory integration disorder and can become difficult to calm down as well. I have Pandora installed on my phone and have found that for her, music like Enya, Liquid Mind, R. Carlos Nakai, and David Arkenstone help to calm her down quite well. It may take some time to find what works for your little man, and I hope this helps!


Posted by @jacky2007, Nov 18, 2014

Thanks Peige definitely I will try that. 🙂

Posted by @pediatric_occupational_therpy_team, Nov 18, 2014

Hi Jacky. I really am glad you are seeking support so that you can enjoy many great moments with your son. First, the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at UCP is a great resource for kids and their families affected by ASD. It sounds like your concerns are 1.) Communication- I'd recommend getting a referral for a speech therapy evaluation. Finding a therapist who is also certified in assistive technology would be an excellent option. 2.) Sensory Processing- Every child's sensory needs are very specific. Talk to the OT who is treating your child to find out which options would best meet his needs. Options might include: chewy tubes; weighted, vibrating, or fiber optic blankets; joint compressions 3.) Aggressive Responses- Certified ABA therapist can offer helpful strategies and interventions to keep your child safe while effectively manage their behavior. The best part is that they will come out to your house . Hope that helps.


Posted by @jacky2007, Nov 18, 2014

Thanks , I did register my son with UCF card autism center, so they will guide me through all these process. He's also getting all therapist at school, but really the school doesn't provide more support for the parents, it's take a lot time for school do evaluations. Hope I will see better results soon.


Posted by @jacky2007, Nov 18, 2014

Thanks A lot for all the feedback. i feel better now that i got all these feedback.I did contact the UCF autism center , they will guide me through this. The school will have a meeting to discuss the psychological evaluation and behavior assessment soon. hopefully that also will help me a lot. He's getting al therapy at school, hope UCF will do the assistive technology evaluation to determine which device he needs.

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