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Thank you for joining our Childhood Cancer Group @cesarjara @colleen_wright @darles008 @urbanknight [...]

Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod in Childhood Cancer, Nov 5, 2014

Thank you for joining our Childhood Cancer Group @cesarjara @colleen_wright @darles008 @urbanknight @ggoldstein1 @jwtanner1 @kathyha @mgardinal1027 @mhardman1 @sharebear @lisaw148!
We would love to get to know you better by telling us a little bit about why you are interested in this particular group and how you hope to connect with other patients and families within the group in the comment box below. We look forward to connecting with you further!


Posted by @cesarjara, Nov 8, 2014


We have a daughter, teenager, with osteosarcoma. She was diagnosed in March, at the end of her junior year.

She is in her last cycle of chemo, and there is a lot of issues just unique to her age, such as college applications, senior year, etc.

Also due to the nature of the disease, and surgery to the leg, rehab is another big one.

We wanted to connect with families of teenager patients, and try to share our experiences so we can support and guide each other in these and other decisions and issues.


Cesar Jara MD

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Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 10, 2014

@cesarjara - Thank you for sharing your daughter's story with us. We hope that this becomes a great place to connect with other families and patients and that you find the support your family needs during this time. Your daughter sounds like one brave and amazing teenager and we wish her the very best in her last year of school and in her journey to college. Thanks for connecting!


Posted by @cesarjara, Nov 11, 2014


Thanks for your kind words
I ll b on the outlook of replies to my email



Posted by @colleen_wright, Nov 13, 2014

Hey guys, Ethan's our hero. He fought Ewings Sarcoma from May 2013 to February 2014. In July he was diagnosed with Mds as a result of his treatment and we are getting his Bond Marrow transplant tomorrow to cure his AML, MDS & hopefully give him a better chance of keeping his Ewing Sarcoma away too.

Colleen & JP


Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Nov 13, 2014

Hi @colleen_wright - Thank you for connecting! Ethan and your family will be in our thoughts as the big day arrives tomorrow. We hope that everything goes smoothly and that his treatment results in the best possible outcome for Ethan - he is a fighter! We will be cheering him on from Arnold Palmer Hospital.

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Posted by @cesarjara, Nov 15, 2014

Dear Coleen,

We hope the BM transplant went smoothly yesterday with Ethan. You mentioned the MDS and AML were related to chemotx? Would you mind sharing more in this regard?

Whatever it is Ethan is definitely a Hero, fighting so hard one after another battle with cancer.

Sometimes saying our prayers and support falls short of what we really would like to convey and wish for Ethan and your family. We would like to be at his bedside, even if is just to keep company.

Thanks for sharing with Joanna and us.

The best for Ethan and your family,


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Posted by @colleen_wright, Jan 6, 2015

Sorry Cesar just saw your message. No way of knowing for sure but Etoposide is most likely the reason Ethan was diagnosed with MDS. We are currently Day + 53 and Ethan's doing well. Hope all is well with your daughter & family.



Posted by @cesarjara, Jan 7, 2015

Good to know he is recovering and doing well!

Joanna finished her chemo Thanksgiving week. So far so good.


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