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Thank you Orlando Health for seeing a need and answering the call. [...]

Posted by @mommalumm, Feb 6, 2016

Thank you Orlando Health for seeing a need and answering the call. I was inspired to attend the Town Hall Meeting held at Winnie Palmer Hospital in January to discuss the plan to move forward with having an adult clinic for individuals living with Spina Bifida. For years I used to answer the Spina BIfida Association of Central FL phone line and for me, the most challenging and heart wrenching calls came from adults living with Spina BIfida who had no where to turn for medical care. Prior to the invention of the shunt, babies born with hydrocephalus did not live to be adults. Because of the invention of the shunt in 1956 by the father of a child with Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus,, thousands of children have lived to be adults with this condition. The heartbreaking fact is that once they graduated out of the pediatric world they were faced with no where to turn for doctors who were experts in Spina Bifida. My heart was filled such hope while attending the Town Hall meeting when I heard Pediatric doctors talking about recruiting doctors of adults to be part of a Spina BIfida Clinic for adults. Thank you to each and every person who has played a role in moving this dream forward. I, as a Mom of an 11 year old with Spina Bifida, am very grateful and look forward to the day that you open your Adult Spina Bifida Clinic. That, Orlando Health, shows me and the nation that you truly care about the children you treat and that you are invested in them for their lifetime. Bravo!



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Posted by @CourtneySchmidt, Feb 6, 2016

@mommalumm Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us. I know this will encourage many parents of children with Spina bifida who are looking toward the future and preparing their child for adulthood.

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