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Worried about husband/ VSD, ASD, PMV.

Posted by @cooperaik, Jul 15, 2016

When our daughter was born we found out she has a large VSD. Also ASD and PMV. We were taken by suprise and in shock. They told us open heart surgery was likely. She is 3 months now and just had an echo which determined she will need surgery. While no parent wants their child, let alone infant to go through a major surgery, i know it’s in her best interest and am trusting God to get her through this. But my husband is a mess. He has been closed off with her from the start. He’s afraid to get close to her, afraid we’ll lose her. He’s depressed. I’m not sure how to help him get through this. Are there any support groups for something like this, or any advice any parents who have gone through this that can help?



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Posted by @lendychapman, Aug 4, 2016

Have you connected with your patient and family counselor? There may be some groups available in the community that can help and maybe some at the hospital. Also, sometimes patient and family counselors know prior families who have a shared experience with you and they can facilitate a connection to also provide support. Don’t hesitate to ask them for support, suggestions, and more resources. Take care!

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