Welcome to the Arnold Palmer Hospital Online Community!

When you’re a part of our community, you’re never alone. We’ve created a place where parents, patients and families can easily connect with one another to discuss their child’s illness, condition and treatment. Community members can share stories and updates and ask questions about the treatment and recovery process, within specific community groups. Community members can choose to join specific groups and follow updates from individual members, and will have the ability to publicly and privately communicate with other community members. Parents can view upcoming events related to their child’s condition and will have access to health resources provided by our specialists at the hospital to help navigate their child’s diagnosis and treatment.



How do I get started?


First, create a profile by signing up to become a member of the online community by clicking here, or through the sign up button on the home page. During the registration process you can select which groups you would like to be a part of to share and receive updates from. Don’t worry; you can always join more groups later if you find others that interest you!


For your first post, we encourage you to share a little bit about your story at this time to introduce yourself to the rest of the group members. Is your child currently being treated for a specific disease/condition? When was your child diagnosed? What are you looking to get out of the online community? These are just a few sample questions to help you get started! Feel free to post from your profile page as seen below:

first post


Tools and Tips to Help You Navigate Your Online Community Space


When you log in, you will be directed to the home page. Here you will see recent posts by community members and upcoming support, community and/or hospital events.


Want to share an update or ask a question? There are three places to ask questions or post an update: find your individual group and post from the group page, post from the “My News Feed page,” or post from your profile page. When posting content, you can share a picture, video, or text. If you are a member of multiple groups, select which group should see your post by using the check box below the text area.


Individual Group Page:

 post an update


 Posting an update/asking a question:


first post image


Like a certain post or question asked by another community member? Click “like” or “bookmark” to save the post for easy viewing in the future.


like:bookmark image


You can choose to follow individual members by clicking the “follow” button under their community post, or by searching for the name/group on the “members” page.




Interact with individual members by sending them a public or private message. To send someone a private message, click on the mail icon to the right of the person’s username who you wish to send a direct message to.


Public message:


public message


Private message:


direct message


View information provided by our specialists at Arnold Palmer Hospital related to your child’s specific condition/disease by clicking the “resources” tab located on the individual group page.



Looking to join additional groups? Head on over to the “Groups” page to view all current community groups, or search by keyword to find the group you would like to join.



Contact us using the inquiry form on the Contact page for further questions or if you are experiencing a technical issue.



There are two additional ways you can access the Arnold Palmer Hospital Online Community for personal convenience.


Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Facebook page. On this page, you can access the online community site through the tabs found at the top of the page, below the cover image. This tab allows you to fully participate (when logged into the site) within the community groups as you would by going to the direct URL address. 


APH Facebook community tab


Add the Arnold Palmer Hospital Online Community site as an "app" on your iPhone. You can add the community site to your home screen in just a few easy steps! First, visit Community.ArnoldPalmerHospital.com on your mobile device. There should be a pop-up that appears that will walk you through how to add the site as a button on your home screen. If the pop-up does not appear, simply click on the button circled in the image on the left below and select "add to home screen" as seen in the image on the right. 


APH homescreen app 1 and 2


Next, you can rename the title that will appear on your home screen, or leave as is. Click "add" in the top righthand corner to add the site to your home screen, as seen in the image on the left below. The site will now be able to be accessed by clicking on the app that appears on your screen for easy access, as seen in the image on the right below. 


APH community app 3 and 4


*Keep in mind that this is a public community site, meaning that anyone outside of the Arnold Palmer Hospital Community can view the content online. Please be mindful of the information you share with others to help keep your child and family as safe as possible. It is recommended that you not disclose personal information, such as: phone number, address, child’s room number at the hospital, etc.

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